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Skilled Installation Services Offered by Finestkind Installations in Kelowna

We have more than 45 years of experience in offering high-quality installation and repair at Finestkind Installations. Our customers throughout Kelowna rely on us for installing and servicing audio equipment, 2-way radios, CBs and antennas, satellite radios and more. We’re locally-owned and operated with a customer-oriented mindset that drives us. At Finestkind Installations, after performing a service, we provide a guarantee for it as long as you own the vehicle. You can count on our experience to care for your taxi fleet at Finestkind Installations. We proudly offer skilled installation and repair services for taxis, including 2-way radios and meters.


We look forward to assisting in you all the electronic needs of your automobile, be it sales or a service.  If you wish to receive a quote, call us today.

Finestkind Installations Can Assist You with GPS Tracking Service

At Finestkind Installations, we’re skilled at installing GPS tracking services for auto finance companies. With the increasing number of vehicles being manufactured, we understand the need of keeping a track in order to ensure protection and safety. Whether you want to track your own vehicle or know the location of multiple automobiles manufactured by your company, you can rely on us to make this process easy and effective for you.

What Are Customers Saying About Us?

Finestkind Installations makes customer satisfaction its top priority.

Fantastic Job

"Had my Dash Cam installed today in my 2020 Prius Prime Plug in and he did a fantastic job and was done for a very reasonable price. I think he is the best in Kelowna."

- Neil S.

GPS Installations

Know where your cars are, and sleep soundly with peace of mind.

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