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A Legacy of Auto Electronic Servicing for the Past 45 years in Kelowna

For 45 years, Finestkind Installations has been involved in providing auto electronic services that leave customers satisfied and happy. Ralf Reid, the owner of Finestkind Installations, named his company after the East Coast fishing expression that refers to the ‘finest of things’. Ralf derived this inspiration from the original M*A*S*H movie where the term ‘finest kind’ was used by Trapper John and Hawkeye whenever referencing something as ‘the best.’

Living up to its name, Finestkind Installations delivers a customer-friendly and high-quality service. Once an installation is completed, Ralf provides a warranty for his service for as long as you own the vehicle. Once a sale has been made or a system has been installed, Finestkind Installations and Ralf will have your back.

The Finest Brands

We offer a variety of products and services that encompass a multitude of popular brands.

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